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Baby Led Weaning

The topic of baby led weaning is often a controversial one. What is BLW? In short, it is a parenting choice where the parent allows the child to feed themselves without using purees or baby food and typically the child will eat what the parent's eat. Let's talk about the benefit and the potential harm. One of the most common benefits that parents claim with using the baby led weaning method, is that their babies and [...]

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Sick of Morning Sickness?

Many women choose to hesitate on publicly announcing their pregnancies until they are in the second trimester. For whatever reason they choose to delay announcing their little bundle of joy, it is their right to make that choice. One thing that may prevent momma from waiting to tell her big news is morning sickness. Arguably the most constant, prevalent, and undesirable symptom on early pregnancy. Of course it makes sense why up to 85% of women [...]

Sick of Morning Sickness?2018-05-10T15:12:03-05:00