It’s that time of the year where dreams of vacationing on the beach become reality! Sunny summer days might be fun, but babies need a little extra protection. Babies don’t have the same protection as adults when it comes to sitting out in the sun all day. Most babies have less melanin (which helps protect the ski from the sun). It is extra important to be aware that babies are very vulnerable on hot or sunny days, even if the adults around them are okay to be outside for long periods of time.

Here are 8 helpful tips and reminders for those hot summer days

  1. Shade is key. An infant 6 months or younger should not be in direct sunlight
  2. Sun screen or sun block is useful, just make sure you use one made specifically for your baby’s sensitive skin. Apply it to your baby frequently, especially if your baby will be in and out of the water
  3. Clothing is a great way to protect your little one from the sun. Hats, breathable long sleeves, and pants will all help deflect the sun’s harmful rays
  4. If you must keep your child in a stroller, make sure there is no blanket over it. It might seem logical to use a blanket for shade. Often times, the blanket will trap heat inside the stroller making the temperature rise. This can be dangerous for your child and puts the baby at risk for heat stroke or dehydration
  5. Plan fun summer activities for early mornings or evenings. That way you will avoid the time of day where the sun is the strongest
  6. Remember that newborns and young infants cannot drink water. They will need hydration from formula or breast milk. Nurse or feed often to ensure your baby is hydrated
  7. If your baby is showing discomfort, it is best to move them indoors
  8. Not only will it make your baby look cute, their little eyes will be protected from strong UV rays