One of the challenges of pregnancy is that your body is constantly changing, and your usual exercise routine might be compromised the farther along in pregnancy you are. Many women choose to turn to yoga in place of their regular exercise activities.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of prenatal yoga!


  1. Reduced stress
  2. Decreased pains
  3. Increased flexibility in muscles and ligaments
  4. Increased mood
  5. Safe for mom and baby
  6. Fun
  7. Relaxing
  8. Can help induce labor later in pregnancy
  9. Practicing breathing techniques


Joining a yoga class might also give you an opportunity to meet other expectant mothers. This is a great opportunity because the more support and community a mother has, the easier pregnancy becomes.

Always talk to your healthcare provider to ensure your body is ready to take a yoga class. Make sure your instructor is certified and educated on yoga and pregnancy to ensure safety. Not all yoga is recommended for pregnant women.

So you want to join a class? Ask your healthcare provider or trusted friends for recommendations. There are also plenty of directories listed for most areas in the United States!