Many women choose to hesitate on publicly announcing their pregnancies until they are in the second trimester. For whatever reason they choose to delay announcing their little bundle of joy, it is their right to make that choice. One thing that may prevent momma from waiting to tell her big news is morning sickness. Arguably the most constant, prevalent, and undesirable symptom on early pregnancy.

Of course it makes sense why up to 85% of women experience morning sickness starting anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks post conception, it doesn’t make it fun to deal with. Morning sickness is caused by the sudden and dramatic shift in hormones that pregnancy causes but usually the nausea subsides by the second trimester, though there are a few unlucky women who feel ill for the duration of the pregnancy. So how can women find relief from this annoying symptom?

Well, it’s important to note that not all medication is safe for mom and baby during pregnancy and especially within the first trimester. It is wise to consult your healthcare provider before taking any over the counter vitamins, supplements, or drugs. Generally, Dimenhydrinate (also referred to as Dramamine) is safe to take for morning sickness. This drug works by pairing with the part of the brain that controls vomiting. Typically, a woman will feel better within an hour of taking this medication.

Looking for a more holistic and natural form of relief? Try drinking tons of water. I know, I know. You hear this all the time I bet. I can’t tell you how important hydration is for health. When you are feeling so sick that it is hard to take in meals or you are throwing up frequently, water is that much more important to keep you hydrated. If it can be tolerated, find a beverage that includes vital electrolytes that will keep mom and baby strong!

Another great natural remedy that has been used for centuries is ginger. Ginger can be used in many ways to ease morning sickness. Sprinkling small amounts of ginger over meals could help. Many women like to have non-caffeinated ginger tea – this will also keep you hydrated so that’s a plus! If you can find them, all-natural ginger hard candies could also provide immediate relief!

This one not many people think about when they feel nauseous but eating small meals can really aid in feeling better. Often, an empty stomach can leave a mom feeling even worse. Try eating bland, easy to digest, non-acidic foods such as crackers, toast, veggies, and shakes. Fun fact, morning sickness is usually at it’s worst in the mornings because you (hopefully) are sleeping all night. That means you are going 6+ hours without eating. Allowing yourself a small snack before bed or if you do wake up in the middle of the night can help to relieve the dreaded mornings.

One remedy that some women have claimed to help is mint. This works the same way as ginger would. You could have mint tea, sugarless gum, or if it’s around the holidays try a candy cane! ​ Exercise. Again, this might be the last thing you want to do when you can barely stand the idea of getting off of the couch. When your body exercises, it releases those feel-good hormones which can make you feel better right after a light work-out. If you find that these tips are not helping and you can’t keep any liquids down, consider giving your healthcare provider a call and they can always help guide you!

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